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29th Mar 2016

Phoebe Almost Didn’t Sing About A Smelly Cat

Imagine a world without Smelly Cat?

Laura Holland

Imagine a world without Smelly Cat

It almost happened. According to the writer of the song, it nearly wasn’t a cat at all.

Betsy Borns spoke with Refinery 29 recently and revealed that Smelly Cat was originally entitled Smelly Dog, and was changed at a later date.

She based the song on her own life and her smelly dog, named ‘Gouda’, saying, “I had a really stinky, smelly dog. But it was determined that ‘cat’ was funnier.”

wow phoebe

Smelly Cat was first introduced to Friends in the second season during the sixth episode, “The One With The Baby On The Bus.”

From then on it became a huge part of the series and was reintroduced throughout the ten seasons.