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12th Sep 2017

People aren’t happy with the latest celeb set to be Livin’ With Lucy


Jade Hayden

livin' with lucy

Back in the noughties, RTÉ‘s Livin’ With Lucy was the one TV show you and your ma could comfortably sit down and watch together without either of you getting bored enough to change the channel.

From Samantha Mumba to Derek Acorah to the late Jade Goody, Lucy Kennedy lived with an array of celebs over the course of the series.

There was (rarely) a dull moment as the presenter probed her new house guest about their private lives, fame, and what they got up to on an average day.

livin' with lucy

In 2016, TV3 announced that they had bought the rights to Livin’ With Lucy, and that Jedward and Kerry Katona were set to feature.

All was well and good until last weekend when Lucy herself announced the latest celebrity she’d be shacking up with for her show.

None other than Katie Hopkins.

katie hopkins

Hopkins is well known for her less than PC attitude towards things like immigration, the working class, overweight people, refugees, the Black Lives Matter movement and women.

She is regularly booked on TV and radio shows due to her ‘controversial’ views and her ability to draw ratings.

However, since being sacked from LBC radio after suggesting there needed to be a “final solution” to deal with Islamic extremist attacks, Hopkins hasn’t been making much of an impression on our TV screens.

Until now.

Following Kennedy’s announcement that she was going to be Livin’ With Hopkins, many took to Twitter to express their irritation that The Apprentice contestant was still being given a platform to spread her ideas.

One user said: “I presume you’ll also be living without a conscience.”

Another asked whether this decision was made by the production company or the channel. They also added that this “racist shouldn’t be broadcast.”

The upcoming series of Livin’ With Lucy with also feature Michael Healy-Rae and Pat Kenny.