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04th Aug 2016

People are suggesting that Margot Robbie’s hot pants were photoshopped for Suicide Squad

She has had her say on the matter.

Laura Holland

Another day, another celebrity photoshop accusation. 

Suicide Squad is getting a lot of attention this week, from the clothes they wore at the various premieres to their unique interviews, including Cara Delevingne demonstrating her nipple detection skills. While the movie is getting unfair bad reviews, I’ve seen it and loved it, a new issue has arisen that has caught people’s attention.

They are suggesting that Margot Robbie’s famous red and blue hot pants were photoshopped.

margot 1

Someone has noticed that while the shorts are very small in the movie, they were covering more of her bottom in the trailers. It’s thought that they were altered digitally to appeal to a wider audience, including families.

See for yourself:


When asked about the issue Margot told Smallzy Surgery, “I didn’t know about that…having been there on the day, they were very small but wow, I wonder if they did? That would be extensive Photoshopping to do.” Also during the interview, Cara Delevingne seems to agree that it’s because of the strict rules in some countries.

Watch the trailer and the actual movie scenes side by side here: