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12th Jul 2021

Paul Mescal psychological thriller The Deceived is on Netflix now

Finally, we get more Paul Mescal.

The world fell in love with Paul Mescal last year after binging Normal People and it seems that we still can’t get enough of him.

So it’s no surprise that Netflix has immediately nabbed the Kildare native for their latest thriller – but that’s not all.

Derry Girls is officially one of the most binge-worthy shows in the world and there’s no better balance than pairing that with Normal People.

That’s exactly what Netflix has done with The Deceived, bring Paul back to our screens alongside the writers behind the hit Northern Irish comedy series.

This time, however, things get a lot more dark as this thriller takes place in the middle of one very creepy house in the middle of Donegal.

It tells the story of Ophelia, an English student who falls in love with her college lecturer Michael.

Michael suddenly disappears, she tracks him down in a rural town, only to find out his wife has died in a house fire she started with a cigarette, and the story only gets more intense from there.

Derry Girls creator Tobias Beer and Lisa McGee are the minds behind this thriller, with Ian McElhinney, who plays Grandad Joe, also starring in this new series.

First released on Channel 5 last August, the series is just now coming to Netflix in Ireland, with all six episodes ready to watch all in one, with no distractions.

You can also check out the trailer for the Netflix thriller series here.