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08th May 2018

One of the guys from Queer Eye is ‘in talks’ for Celebrity Big Brother

Keeley Ryan

Can you believe?

It’s safe to say that Netflix’s Queer Eye has been the hit show of 2018.

It’s beautiful, it’s funny, it’s heartwarming, and it’s genuinely the nicest show on TV at the moment.

What more could you want?

From the moment the first season debuted earlier this year, fans laughed, cried and just fell head over heels for the Queer Eye hosts.

And now Queer Eye‘s Jonathan Van Ness is reportedly in talks to appear in the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother. 

According to The Sun, Channel 5 bosses have told producers to do “whatever it takes” to sign him.

A source told the publication:

“Bosses know what a hit Queer Eye has become and everyone’s obsessed with Jonathan.

“The show has become an international success and Jonathan would make amazing TV for the show.

“They are desperate to land him for the next series and have told producers to do whatever it takes to get him to sign on the dotted line.”

It comes as the show as Queer Eye was commissioned for a second season.

The news was confirmed in March this year, and we’re absolutely buzzing to see what the Fab Five get up to next time.