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20th Dec 2021

Ofcom releases most complained about TV moments of 2021

How many do you remember?

TV regulator Ofcom has released its most complained-about moments of 2021. While the list is eerily predictable, it does paint a pretty dire picture of 2021.

Here it is.

5 – Love Island: Casa Amor drama

The producers of Love Island woke up and chose violence that day. While the nation was tuning in to watch undeniably gorgeous people make a fool of themselves, there was a gentle reminder of their humanity when a fake postcard arrived at the villa. Postcard-gate convinced Faye that Teddy was cheating on her – but this was not the case.

The situation was dubbed as manipulative and cruel, which in turn instigated 4,337 complaints.

4 – Harry and Meghan appear on Oprah

Perhaps one of the less justifiable additions to the list, this landmark interview broke the internet and then later Piers Morgan. Talking about all things royals – and noting the racism of both the press and the Royal Family – Markle earned the respect of many but also set fire to any possibility of a return to royal life.

The special received 6k complaints, all of which were undoubtedly from the Queen.

3 – Celebrities: What Happened To Your Face?

While most of us understand that celebrities rarely look like themselves, this show dedicated itself to highlighting, analysing and broadcasting facial flaws to the nation. The complaints came in at over 7k, which is getting off lightly all things considered.

Charlotte Crosby, who featured in the show despite her best efforts to shut it down, branded it “immoral and insensitive”. The former Geordie Shore star added: “That hour could have been used to host a mental health documentary. That hour could have educated the public in the many issues and good causes which need publicity.”

2 – Love Island: Faye’s behaviour

While declaring that Teddy was not allowed to find another girl attractive, Faye shocked the nation. While many acknowledged how ITV played a part in the drama, others reminded viewers that Faye behaved badly too.

While Teddy sat there and attempted to have a conversation, Faye was racking up Ofcom complaints that could only be beaten by the UK’s biggest rage-fuelled TV host.

1- Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

Ofcom must have a complaint folder just for Piers Morgan; after all, the TV host racks up more headlines than most celebrity scandals. With a staggering 54k complaints, Morgan’s rant and subsequent walkout had the nation gripped.

During one of his routine rants about Meghan Markle, fellow host Alex Beresford said what many people were thinking.

While Beresford spoke about personal experiences shared by communities of colour, Morgan eventually lost his nerve and stormed off. The heated debate resulted in Morgan totalling a shocking 54k complaints.

What does he win? Nothing, unfortunately. What do we win? Well, he isn’t on GMB anymore.