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29th Jun 2022

Ofcom receives 75 complaints over Jacques’ treatment of Ekin-Su

Ellen Fitzpatrick


She may have made the best impression on the viewers after coming into the villa and causing absolute chaos (the only thing we want), but Love Island’s Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu hasn’t had the same impact on fellow islander Jacques O’Neill.

While we know she’s a tough cookie, some viewers have claimed that Ekin-Su is being “bullied” by some of the boys in the villa, most notably by Jacques.

Ofcom have now received 75 complaints about Jacques’ treatment of her after the two had a heated exchange on the show.

The pair found themselves in a bit of a pickle when Jay announced that he wanted to get to know Paige, who was coupled up with and getting to know Jacques while he was getting to know Ekin-Su.

While chatting, Jacques told Ekin-Su how Jay had “coupled up with you and he’s found out who you are in two days mate, a f***ing headache.”

With fans unimpressed by the comment, they took to the watchdog to complain, all 75 of them.

As anyone who has been watching since the beginning will remember, Ekin-Su opted to go for Jay while still seeing Davide, which led to the iconic moment she crawled across the terrace to kiss him,

When Jay revealed to Ekin-Su that he wanted to get to know Paige, she initially seemed calm but soon changed her mind and let him know exactly how she felt.

She said: “It’s just hit me now what you’ve done, you’re telling me you want to get to know Paige, who’s in a secure relationship, do you know how muggy that makes you look?

“Apparently I was a player but the biggest player in this villa is you and you deserve the biggest Oscar in here, you should just f**k off Jay.”

After the heated exchange, it wasn’t only Jacques that had a nasty thing to say, but this one happened to be about Jacques himself.

Dumped islander Remu Lambert said that Jacques “ruined” his Love Island experience but it was never shown on TV.