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12th Feb 2019

Netflix’s thriller Dirty John is going to be your new TV obsession

Keeley Ryan

The true crime craze is showing no signs of slowing down.

Which is why we were particularly excited when we heard that Netflix are adding the binge-watchable Dirty John this month.

Based on the 2017 hit podcast of the same name, the true life thriller series stars Connie Britton and Eric Bana as Debra Newell and ‘Dirty’ John Meehan – so, really, we were guaranteed to be hooked from the get-go.

Even though it only premiered in North America late last year, it feels like we’ve been waiting for it to land over here for forever. 

The description reads:

“Debra Newell has a seemingly perfect life: she’s successful, beautiful and lives in one of California’s most desirable coastal cities, Newport Beach. The only thing missing is love.

“So when she finally meets charming and handsome doctor John Meehan, she’s quickly swept into a whirlwind romance, much to the dismay of her daughters Terra and Veronica..

“Their fast-tracked relationship creates tension between Debra and the girls, leaving them no choice but to investigate the stranger who has swept their mother off her feet.

“And with a fraught family history, the backstory of Debra and her mother Arlane provides insight into why she may have been so vulnerable to John in the first place.

“As Debra gets drawn deeper into his lies and sinister game of psychological manipulation, it results in horrific consequences for an entire family.”

So, if you’re looking for a new show to look forward to, we’ve got some good news: Dirty John officially lands on Netflix on February 14. 

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