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19th May 2023

Netflix viewers terrified after watching this newly added horror movie

Rats haunt their dreams..

Netflix viewers are all saying the same thing about the newly released horror movie on Netflix called 1922.

The American horror movie was released in 2017 and is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name.

Viewers who have watched it say that their dreams have been haunted by rats ever since.

The movie is set in 1992 and follows a man named Wilfred James, aka ‘Wilf’, and his family.

The story starts with farmer Wilf convincing his son to kill his mother, Arlette, because she wants them to move from Nebraska to Omaha.

He does just that and they murder her successfully – but it doesn’t stop there.

Strange and supernatural things started to happen after the murder. Everywhere they would go, there would be lots and lots of rats and unexplainable things would go wrong.

It stars Thomas Jane, Molly Parker, Neal McDonough and Kaitlyn Bernard.

It “scared the crap outta me”

Netflix viewers who have watched the move say it was “far too scary” to even sit through.

The movie is gruesome and many people said they felt “physically sick” while watching it.

One person took to Twitter to share their opinion and wrote: “I watched 1922 on Netflix- scared the crap outta me lol.”

Another tweeted: “I watched 1922, Netflix, Oh My Hell, Rats It was Great..”

A third person saw the movie and was shaken up after it. They wrote: “Don’t watch this movie. I’ve been dreaming about rats in my bed ever since.”

Others absolutely loved it and tweeted telling people to go watch it. This person said: “Here’s one for you: Stephen King’s 1922 (Netflix) is one of the greatest horror movies of all time.”

You can watch the trailer here but be ready.

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