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08th Nov 2018

Netflix have released the trailer for The Princess Switch and it’s just what we need this Christmas

Keeley Ryan

The Christmas season is coming up quickly.

And Netflix are going above and beyond to make sure we’re in the holiday spirit – which we’re totally on board with.

The streaming service have already released their first festive film, The Holiday Calendar – and a sequel to A Christmas Prince is on the way in just a few weeks.

But, in the meantime, there’s The Princess Switch – a movie that is guaranteed to be our Christmas guilty pleasure.

The movie stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy De Novo, an American baker who is invited to participate in a baking competition taking place in the fictional European country, Belgravia.

While she’s getting prepared for the competition, she bumps into Duchess Margaret who – surprise, surprise – looks exactly like her.

Hating the spotlight and just wishing she could be a normal girl, Margaret convinces Stacy that they should swap lives.

All it seems to take is a haircut and a British accent for Stacy to be able to convince Margaret’s fiancé, the country’s handsome prince, that she is the real deal. And meanwhile, Margaret finds herself falling for Stacy’s co-worker.

The trailer has all of the ingredients of a must-watch holiday romantic comedy: there’s a wish for romance; a snowball fight; a fancy ball and a Cinderella-esque dance in a  gazebo.

Basically, we need November 16 to get here a lot quicker.

Check out the trailer below…