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17th Feb 2019

Netflix true crime thriller Dirty John has been compared to You and yeah, we can see it

Jade Hayden

Not a fan of true crime?

You’re the only one, mate.

Also shit one to be you because essentially the only things that have been added to Netflix over the past year or so have been true crime based.

Well, not all of them, but definitely most of them.

It’s a decent genre and it’s been expelling some decent content as of late. We’re here for it.

Another thing that we’re very here for is the series most recently added to the streaming platform’s catalogue, Dirty John. 

Based on the entirely true story and excellent podcast of the same name, the series depicts a whirlwind romance, a cunning attractive man, and a woman who’s willing to forgive a hell of a lot all in the name of, eh, love, we guess?

The series stars Eric Bana as John Meehan and Connie Britton as Debra Newell.

It follows the couple as they fall in love, get married, move in together, and alienate all of Debra’s children all within a solid one month or so timeframe – give or take.

The story of Dirty John is so baffling, so confusing, and so genuinely shocking that you’d almost have trouble believing it if you didn’t know that it had actually happened.

Netflix compared the show to their other true crime hit, You, during the week when it finally dropped onto the streaming platform.

According to them it differs, however, because John is “older.”

But yeah, other than that we can see where they’re coming from with all the stalking, lying, and murdering.

Haven’t watch it yet? Get on it.