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23rd Oct 2019

Monopoly inspired by Christmas movies is here, and my GOD we’re so ready

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Okay, amazing!

If you’re a fan of cheesy Christmas movies – then get ready to be excited!

The lads at Monopoly have teamed up with the Hallmark Channel, to create the ultimate Christmas board game.

“Take a break from binge watching the Hallmark Channel while still enjoying everything you love about it with this twist on the classic Monopoly game.”

“Everything from the seasonal board to the collectible tokens are Hallmark-themed,” reads the product description for the Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game.

“So whether you’re buying a Christmas tree farm or a bed & breakfast, you’ll experience all the thrills of the beloved board game in a Hallmark kind of way.”


How fun is that?

The game has all the things you love about classic Monopoly, but with a twist.

The tokens are a nod to the famous christmas movies, and include a watering can, ice cream cone, Christmas tree, ice skates, an engagement ring and Happy the Dog.

The game includes: Gameboard, 6 collectible tokens, 28 title deed cards, 16 Home cards, 16 Family cards, 2 dice, 32 cottages, 32 inns, 1 pack of custom Hallmark Channel money, rules.

You can buy it here now for $40.

Merry Christmas.