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22nd Dec 2019

The reason why the royal family aren’t allowed to play Monopoly at Christmas is gas

Olivia Hayes

It’s a weird one alright.

When it comes to Christmas, many of us go home to our families for the day – or the week. There’s the present-giving, the delish dinner, and nap afterwards, and of course, some board games.

Some families love to play whatever board game takes their fancy on the night, and some roll their eyes at the thought – but it turns out that the royal family don’t even get a choice in the matter; they’re just not allowed play them.

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Why? Well, the reason isn’t as serious as you might think.

Many reports over the years state that they’re not allowed play board games “because it gets too vicious.”

Mental, right? It’s just a rule because it all gets too much. Which is kind of sad, right? I mean, while there will be a bit of competition in every family, it’s all fun and games on Christmas Day, and nobody can get that rowdy, can they?

Or, maybe they can after a few glasses of Baileys….