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03rd Feb 2022

Molly-Mae says she’s “so ready” to start a family with Tommy Fury

Coming soon?

Molly Mae Hague has revealed that her and Tommy Fury may be starting a family sooner than we all expected.

Opening up on her plans to marry Tommy, Molly Mae said she is ready to start a family with him.

The couple has been dating since the Love Island villa back in 2019, and are more serious than ever.

In a recent YouTube video, the 22 year old revealed she is “so ready” to move to the next level in her relationship with Tommy.

She said: “It’s a really exciting subject. I’m so excited for it myself. I’m so excited to have babies and all the other stuff that comes for me and Tommy in the future, I cannot wait.

“I love my life with him now so much and our relationship that the thought of it getting even better and having a miniature human that is half of him and half of me… what the hell?

“I weirdly feel so ready for that chapter in my life and I keep having to tell myself ‘no, no, no not yet’. I know that life is gonna change so much when it happens when we have children but it’s something we talk about everyday. I feel weirdly like me and him together, we’re just meant to be parents.

“It’s just something that I could literally cry about with excitement when I think about it. Engagement, marriage… there’s just so many exciting things to come and I just feel so happy and lucky and blessed that I have that to look forward to.”

Sharing an update on their search for a new home, Molly Mae told fans that it’s going “extremely well.”

She said: “It’s tricky because I don’t want to start with a question I can’t elaborate on but I’m so excited that I cannot not address it. But at the same time I can’t address it too much because I want to do so many videos on it and I’ve got so much coming in regards to it.”

“A three-year search has potentially… well it’s basically come to an end. I’m not going to go into any detail at all because with these things anything can happen. You guys better get buckled in, strapped in because the content soon is gonna get so exciting that I could cry.”