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22nd May 2019

Miley Cyrus’s episode of Black Mirror looks like it’s going to be total chaos

miley cyrus black mirror

Our bodies. They are ready.

Black Mirror is back soon.

Like, really soon. Like, June 5 soon.

Gagging for it to be honest. And while we still have a few weeks left to wait until we can delve back into a world where you shud not be on dat phone tho, at least we’ve got the trailers for the upcoming episodes to keep us happy.

One of those episodes is ‘Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,’ and it looks like it’s going to be totally chaotic.

Starring none other than Miley Cyrus, the episode follows Rachel as she become mildly obsessed with a pop star named Ashley Too.

Ashley’s got everything you could ever possibly need to become a massive successful superstar – a plastic personality, bright white teeth, and even a bit of talent.

She’s also got herself some merchandise in the form of a creepy robotic doll who doesn’t quite enjoy the idea of having a wire shoved up its ass.

Also starring Madison Davenport and Angourie Rice, the episodes appears to focus on the dark side of fame as Miley’s character jumps from being the proper, styled, perfect singer to Charlie from Always Sunny when he’s trying to figure out what the story with Pepe Silvia is.

Naturally, everybody is making the same joke about the episode saying that they never realised the Hannah Montana reboot was going to be so dark.

Get it? Because it’s got Miley Cyrus? And she’s playing a singer? Who’s got two different personalities?

You get it.

Black Mirror season five will be streaming on Netflix on June 5.

You can check out the trailer for ‘Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too’ here: