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23rd Jan 2017

Is the Michelle Connor storyline coming to a dramatic conclusion on Corrie tonight?

The mother is said to be suffering following the death of her son Ruarí

Rebecca Keane

The pain of losing her son Ruarí to being a stillborn has become too much to bear.

Last week, both the internet and radio stations alike were busy talking about the devastating effect having a stillborn can have on both mothers and father because of a certain episode of Coronation Street.

After going into labour at just 23 weeks, actors Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh had to act out the heartbreaking scenes between characters Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor, who lost their baby Ruarí to stillbirth.

The storyline was very close to home for Kym Marsh, whose son Archie was born stillbirth, and wanted to use her voice and her character’s situation on the soap to campaign for birth certificates for stillborn babies.

“The fact I didn’t get a birth certificate for Archie means that when I’m gone there’s no record of him.

“He won’t be on our family tree and yet I gave birth to him. We celebrate his birthday every year and let off balloons.

“My daughter Polly knows she had a brother yet there is no record of his birth”.

While viewers have watched the Rovers barmaid struggle with the fallout of losing baby Ruarí, it looks like all the trauma of her recent circumstances has gotten to her.

Spotted on Metro, it looks like Michelle is going to take matters into her own hands with regards to her pain and suffering, but in the worst possible way.

Michelle is set to go for a meal with Steve before getting drunk. Michelle then goes missing, with both Steve and Nick’s Bistro chef Robert going frantic that they can’t find her.

The episode will come to a head with Michelle standing on a high drop, threatening to jump off before Robert finds her.

It’s not yet known if Robert will be able to coax her down but these heart wrenching scenes can be seen from 7.30pm onwards.