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29th Jun 2022

Michael Owen hilariously responds to Love Island’s heart rate challenge

Sarah McKenna Barry

Same, Michael.

Last night’s Love Island saw the return of the heart rate challenge, which has, at this point, become a beloved mainstay of the dating reality competition.

In the challenge, the islanders dress up in sexy costumes and perform for their fellow contestants as they’re hooked up to machines monitoring their heart rates. Later, we learn how the islanders responded to each others’ performances, and, naturally, chaos ensues.

In the episode, one of the show’s most popular contestants, Gemma Owen, donned some riding gear and danced for the other islanders, much to the dismay of her father, footballer Michael Owen.

The footballer took to Twitter to share his reaction, which he summed up accurately with one emoji – an embarrassed, shocked face covering its eyes.

Same, Michael.

In the villa, Gemma’s dance was a point of contention. She managed to get Luca Bish’s heart rate going, but also Jay Younger’s and her ex-boyfriend Jacques O’Neill.

Talking afterwards, Luca said: “I’m not happy, it makes me feel I’m more into her than she is into me. It makes me think ‘Am I pushing the wrong person?’ I don’t know if her head is in it. I don’t like seeing her and Jacques talk.”

Another islander who wasn’t chuffed with Gemma’s performance was Paige Thorne, who has been getting closer and closer to Jacques.

She tells him: “It’s not great that it was Gemma, it could have been any of the girls but it was your ex.”

To this, Jacques told her that she was “just being pathetic”.

He said: “Are you bothered? You’re just being pathetic. I’m going to be honest now, truthful. Maybe because we experienced it before, like a flashback, honest reason.”

The heart rate challenge also seemed to jeopardise Andrew and Tasha’s relationship, after it was revealed that Danica raised Andrew’s heart rate the most.

The dancer admitted that her confidence was knocked by the results, and stormed off. Andrew did his best to reassure her, telling Tasha: “I was obsessed with yours. Stop stressing you’re what I want, Danica is not. I like you a lot.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.