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04th May 2022

Mel B and Emma Bunton are joining a Netflix reality series

Spice up your life.

Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton are joining the cast of Netflix’s hit reality show The Circle and there’s one catch – they’re “catfishing” everyone.

The fourth season of the show aired on Wednesday and fans were shocked to see two of the Spice Girls on the series.

As a way to raise the prize fund, the two entered The Circle for a four day period to compete against other contestants.

The aim was to remain in the game as the undetected “catfish”, called Jared and then the prize money would be upped with an extra $50,000.

In a preview clip that was released, the pair said they were ready to “spice things up a bit” and they wanted to try to completely trick any other contestants.

The show is based on the hit Channel 4 series and centres around social media, claiming “anyone can be anyone in The Circle”.

The season four synopsis reads: “The Circle is back for Season 4, and we’re turning the heat up higher than ever! What else would anyone expect from the spiciest season yet? More catfishing, more drama, more money and surprises await as a new set of contestants compete in challenges to earn the ultimate cash prize as top influencer. The Circle is hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau.”

Contestants in the show live in the same building but are not allowed to meet and can only communicate through their specially-designed app profiles, and they can be whoever they want to be on it.

The aim is to win, and that means you must be the most popular despite never meeting the others with a cash prize up for grabs.

Starting today, Netflix has released the first four episodes with more to follow in the coming weeks.