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15th Apr 2019

Maya could be murdered or at least mildly injured in Emmerdale revenge twist

Jade Hayden


Just get rid of her, already.

Emmerdale‘s been full of twists, turns, and totally harrowing moments these past few weeks as the Maya and Jacob storyline heats up and people lose their minds.

It’s almost over though, and although we’ll still inevitably be waiting a few days before Maya is actively found out by everybody, once those scenes are here they’ll be worth it.


At least, they will be if Maya actually gets her comeuppance for all the hurt and general unease she’s been causing, as the new trailer for the soap is suggesting.

Released yesterday, it shows Maya staring at herself in the mirror with a load of blood on her face.

It also depicts Leyla, Jacob’s mother, slamming her fists in anger and looking fairly raged, suggesting that she’s either going to flat out murder the teacher… or at least rough her up a bit.

Exciting times.

This comes as Liv, who knows about Jacob and Maya, decides to blackmail the groomer in a bid to stay silent, but this week Liv decides that she wants more money, demanding £10,000.

Later on, as Gabby and Liv spend time together, the teenager becomes overwhelmed and breaks down – suggesting that she might finally tell someone what she say.

It comes after Louisa Clein, who plays Maya, revealed someone is going to be proposing to her character – although she wouldn’t specify if it was David or Jacob who asks.

Louisa told What’s On TV:

“If it’s coming from David, there’s a question of how far Maya is willing to go to cover up the relationship with Jacob, or whether she is committed to Jacob and her promise that they will come out publicly – because she does want a future with him.

“They’ve decided that they’ll wait until he has finished school, and then come clean to everyone.”

Yeah just let it happen already, alright?