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16th Mar 2023

Maya Jama said she could barely look these islanders in the eye

Clodagh McKeon

She said they sent her close to tears…

Although this season of Love Island is over and Kai and Senam were crowed winners, we’re still being updated on the behind the scenes gossip from the show and we’re loving every minute of it.

After taking over the hosting of the show for the first time, Maya Jame absolutely killed her new role.

She’s shared some of the awkward moments she’s experienced with the contestants throughout the eight weeks working on the show.

There was no beef with anyone, she said it was an emotional moment between a couple during the final that left her unable to make eye contact with the contestant.

Maya explained that Sanam accidentally dropped the L-word on Kai on live television and it almost left her in tears.

She said: “I love, love, love Kai and Sanam as a couple.

“They’re so sweet together, and you can tell they really love being in each other’s company. When Sanam came in she felt like a perfect fit for Kai.

“You can see just how much of a warm heart she has, I could barely look her in the eye after she accidentally said she was in love with Kai during the final.

“She almost set me off but that’s when I knew there was something real. They bring out a genuine side in one another.”

Maya Jama even suggested that she sees a wedding on the cards for them two which is so cute.

She said: “I always have my hat at the ready! The Islanders create strong connections in there, so you just never know what’ll happen.”

We weren’t ready for the show to come to an end but at least we have the reunion show this Sunday March 19th to look forward to.

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