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03rd Jan 2018

Mattress Mick has a new ad and we have no words for how weird it is

What have we just watched?


We’re puzzled. Incredibly puzzled.

Mattress Mick debuted his new ad last night on Facebook to promote his January sales… and it made us both laugh and feel uncomfortable.

Very uncomfortable.

In the ad, a woman is dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She dreams about Mick coming to her as an astronaut. Yep.

A random dog then pops up for two seconds, before Dorothy whispers, “There’s no place like Mick’s,” over and over and over again.

Not weird at all.

After that, the girl wakes up in Mattress Mick’s warehouse, after falling asleep on a ‘Miami’ mattress. After they speak for a few seconds, it goes back to Oz and the yellow brick road.

Dorothy, Mick, and some other random man painted in silver all sing, “We’re off to Mattress Mick’s, to get a mattress quick, because, because, because, because, the wonderful Mattress Mick.”

Can we add that all of this takes place within a minute?

Mattress Mick has become a household name in the country in recent years, and only he could come up with a bizarre ad like this. Never change.