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27th Nov 2023

Matthew Perry’s family will reportedly play a ‘pivotal’ role in the future of ‘Friends’

Jody Coffey

Matthew Perry

Following the tragic passing of Matthew Perry last month, it’s being reported that his family will have a significant role in the future of the hugely popular sitcom ‘Friends’.

Perry was best known for his role as the wise-cracking and loveable Chandler Bing on the 1990s show.

He starred alongside Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc, and all were made part owners of the franchise.

As the sitcom approaches its 30th anniversary, the US Sun reports that Perry’s estate will be ‘pivotal’ in determining any deal or ‘major do-over’ for ‘Friends’ as the show’s $425 million five-year deal with Max is due to expire in 2024.

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A source told the outlet: “There had been brainstorming on what to do for the show’s 30th anniversary when Matthew passed away, and of course Matthew’s passing changes everything.

“While a big budget TV special is unlikely, a return of the show to Netflix when the Max deal expires is much more probable,” the source explains while adding that it all comes down to the cast and Perry’s estate.

“Even though the show has been one of Max’s biggest successes, Netflix would make it available to a much bigger US and global audience again. They have ownership points in the show, meaning they will get a vote on what happens to the series and whether it gets a major do-over.”

Speculating on the possible future outcomes for the beloved TV series, the source says ‘everything is on the table’.

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“Netflix would be ideal because they have deep pockets and the biggest subscriber base on the planet, but another scenario could see Max and Netflix share the rights on a duo-exclusive basis.”

The source adds that the cast of ‘Friends’ isn’t interested in ‘the biggest deal’ and rather making sure it reaches ‘the biggest audience’

“Their work has stood the test of time and announcing that they are putting it in front of millions of new viewers on its 30th anniversary would be a great way to mark three decades of Friends.”

“And of course if means another giant payday for all of the profit participants.”