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01st Mar 2019

Love Island’s Georgia says she was advised to stay with Sam after the show ended

Jade Hayden

But was she loyal, babe??

It’s only a few months until Love Island 2019 kicks off and guess what – we’re still talking about Love Island 2018.

There are a couple of reasons for this and none of them involve the simple fact that we have very little else to do with our evenings and are drastically missing our easy to digest reality TV fix.

One of the reasons is because last year’s season of the show was riddled with an intense amount of scandal.

The other reason was because literally everybody except the winners broke up and watching them tumble one by one, like dominos, certainly broke up the day.

One of the biggest (and most dramatic) break ups of last year’s show had to be Sam and Georgia.

Cheating, not cheating, just being bored – whatever the reason, they ended things extremely publicly – and it was a lot.

Since then though, both Georgia and Sam have pretty much moved on with their lives. Georgia has even decided to go on Celebs Go Dating to move on even further.

However, she has suggested that she was advised to stay with Sam after the show ended for the sake of her career.

And yeah, we’d believe it tbh.

Georgia told The Sun: 

“That is what happens when you come out. I definitely felt like that.

“It wasn’t working, we were different people, but I really thought, ‘oh my God, people are only going to like me if we’re together’ because that’s what you’re renowned for.”

Later on, she added that she was outright told to stay with Sam, but: “I was guided.”

We’d believe it, yeah.

This comes as many viewers have suggested that Love Island couples were told to stay together for a minimum six months. 

Iain Stirling has since disregarded this claim entirely, saying that the reason the couples keep breaking up is because they’re “young.”

Makes sense.