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28th Jan 2020

Love Island’s Connor still hopes Sophie will leave the villa for him

Jade Hayden

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Aw, mate.

During last night’s Love Island, OG Connor left the villa.

He did so solemnly, after his fellow islanders voted for him to exit the show rather than Sophie, who they believed would make the most of her time in the villa.

And make the most of her time she did, as she stated many times that she was sad, only to literally jump up and down after being picked for a date by new boy Wallace.

Looks like they made the right choice then, yeah.

Despite all of this, it appears as though Connor remains hopeful that Sophie will wait for him and that they will be reunited once she leaves the villa.

He also remains hopeful that she’ll leave the villa of her own volition, but honestly that’s looking fairly unlikely at this point, yeah.

He told Laura Whitmore on After Sun last night that as he was leaving, he “had an instinct she would stay.”

“I hope in a week’s time if she has no connection with someone, she will leave as I will be waiting for her,” he said.

“It’s a once in a lifetime thing. I wouldn’t have any grudges against her. I do just want her to be happy. I’m in no rush to meet someone else.”

Connor also added that although watching Sophie has been “hard,” “she got picked [for the date], she didn’t choose, so I am staying positive.”

Good for you, mate.

Tonight, we’ll get to see how Sophie’s date with new guy Wallace goes down, as she makes him a dessert and no doubt forgets how instantly sad she was approximately 30 minutes before.

Similarly, we’ll also get to see the wonderful, the precious, the adorable Nas try his luck with new girl Demi, as he whips her up something delicious in a bid to win her affection.

He needs this, guys. Rooting for him.


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