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21st Jul 2022

Love Island’s Coco says she cried in villa after boys’ comments about her appearance

“I was crying a lot in there for the first few days.”

Love Island star Coco Lodge has said that a number of boys from this year’s season left her in tears over comments about her appearance.

In a YouTube video interview with Murad Merali, the islander shared that she heard from Summer that off-camera, the boys were mocking her.

“There were comments made when the filming was off, that were like, I’m a four out of 10, by some of the boys,” she said.

Murad asked who said that, and Coco told him that she doesn’t know, but Summer heard it.

“Like, ‘You’re a four out of 10, Paige is a 12,'” she said. “These comments were made and I was already having a really hard time in there as it was, and I was crying a lot in there for the first few days.”

In the same video, she also discussed some of the hate she has received online since coming off the show.

“I didn’t expect it,” she said, before she became quite choked up.

“It hurts to obviously see because it’s about your appearance, and however I was perceived on the show is not my personality anyway. They’ve edited me to look a certain way. But to comment on my appearance is obviously hurtful. I’ve been cast for a reason.

“How you look on the cameras or the press photo to begin with, they don’t choose the most flattering stuff. All of our press photos were a lot better in real life.”

On her own Instagram account, Coco shared a video of herself being plastered by hundreds of negative comments.

In the caption, she wrote: “Coming out of the villa I was greeted by a vile amount of nasty tweets and TikToks about my appearance. It was really damaging initially but I will bounce back more resilient.”

She went on to say that she will “never be enough” if she judges her self-worth on the opinions of strangers.

Coco added: “Thank you to everyone I’ve met and who has messaged me with empowering words and who was fighting these comments when I was in the villa. And for those others this is your reminder to #bekind.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.