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10th Mar 2023

Love Island’s Casey is moving in with fellow islander and it’s not Rosie

Clodagh McKeon

Wait, who?

Casey O’Gorman was recently dumped from this season of Love Island along with beau Rosie Seabrook but he’s been chatting.

He’s revealed plans to live with another islander now that he’s back in the UK.

Although, it’s not Rosie he’ll be moving in with, they’re still seeing each other on the outside which is a good sign anyway.

They’ve shared that they’re both ready to meet each others friends and family and seem to be on a pretty good track.

Speaking after the villa Casey said: “My two boys in the villa were Tom and Will.

“I just had the best time with them and it was just constant jokes! We bounced off each other whatever we did and we were so, so similar and it was so nice to have that in there. Life can get way too serious.

“To have those boys around you, you can just have a laugh and realise it’s not that deep in the grand scheme of things.

“We did say to each other we’d live together… but not sure what the girls will think of that!

“We’re going to have a group WhatsApp chat, ‘The Three Musketeers’ and go from there!”

So that’s the plan. Casey, Tom and Will sharing a house somewhere in the UK.

There are so many questions – what about the girls, their family and most of all what about farmer Will’s sheep?!

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When Casey spoke about Rosie he said: “I can’t wait to introduce her to my family and all my friends.

“I think that’s number one on my priority list. I need approval from my mum!

“I’m just super excited to see where things go on the outside. I can’t wait to do some activities, go on dates, and spend some quality time with each other.”

He’s also planning some time away from her as he awkwardly added, “It’ll be nice also to be apart to see if I do really, really miss her.”

If those boys move in together, they’re gonna need another reality TV show for sure.

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