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05th Feb 2020

Love Island’s Callum Jones is actually a member of a very unpopular boyband

We saw this coming, unfortunately.

Denise Curtin

‘The lads are on holiday while the girls are having a hashtag panic attack in the other villa, like’

Today’s Love Island podcast is an important listen if you’re also stressed about Casa Amor and its ways.

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As time goes on we’re figuring out more and more about the current contestants of this year’s Love Island.

From Paige being Lewis Capaldi’s ex, to Finn having a foot fetish and Rebecca winning trips for being a bare faced beauty, we’re learning more, judging more and feeling more for our 2020 Islanders.

But last night, a new revelation came to the surface.

One that has been speculated since the boys took to Casa Amor – Callum Jones is in fact a member of boyband Destiny’s Chaldish.

Last night, fans of the show announced that Callum had earned his wings to become part of Destiny’s Chaldish after he cracked on with new girl, Molly.

Callum now joins previous Islanders Michael, Danny and Jordan who too earned their place in the band by not staying loyal to their other half during their time in the villa.

Lead singer, Michael Griffiths even gave Callum a little shoutout after last night’s episode.

Does Callum fit in well?

And so, the tweets continued with one fan pointing out that “Callum has now joined the ‘I’m happy but I could be happier’ crew. Chaldish”

 Would you agree?