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01st Jul 2019

Love Island’s Arabella admitted that she’s waiting for Danny and ah, yeah


Denise Curtin

Casa Amor is turning HEADS.

In the latest episode of our Love Island podcast, IT GALZ Lindsay Hamilton spills the tea on all her thoughts of last night’s villa shenanigans.

You need to listen.


Is this a bad idea? Potentially.

Will she actually wait for him? Hardly.

Although they had a good three-day summer fling, the chances of Yandy being anything more than just that is unlikely, however, in either a bid to hold onto her fame or in a true call of love, Arabella Chi admitted on Love Island: Aftersun last night that she’d like to reignite things with Danny.


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The model who got booted from the show had just coupled up with Danny prior to the eviction when he made the gruesome call to either stay with Yewandae or couple up with Arabella. Admitting that he was following his heart, Danny chose Arabella but will their relationship reblossom once the star leaves the villa? Hardly.

But, Arabella is remaining positive telling Caroline Flack:

“We were only coupled up for three days, he’s very much single as I am, hopefully, we will have a chat and see what happens, but he is entitled to do what he’s there to do.”


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However, while she… erm, waits, Arabella is focusing on her next career move – giving a voice to the modelling industry.

“I feel like a lot of models don’t have a voice, it’s very much our looks, I wanted people to know a model that has a voice. It will open some more doors for me with modelling, but I want to go down the wellness side – it’s the yoga for me, I want to push my career in that direction.”

You do you, hun.

You can read all about Arabella and Yewande on Aftersun here.