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24th Jan 2023

Love Island first look: Zara’s head turns for Shaq as Kai cuts things off with Anna-May


With a whole load of drama from last night’s Love Island, things seem to be cooling down in this episode and for one couple, cooling down completely.

As the evening festivities get underway, Kai pulls Anna-May for a chat as he’s hoping to finally get something off his chest.

Anna-May is quick to ask: “Where’s your head at?”

Kai responds: “If I’m going to be completely honest with myself as hard as it is, I think I do get on better with Tanyel a little bit more and there’s a bit more of a spark there.”

Anna-May responds: “I feel like we don’t have much flirt, it’s a lot of serious chat.”

Kai then says: “I think sometimes you’ve just got to go with your gut with these things.”

Anna-May adds: “Don’t worry I feel the same way and I feel like me and you, we get along more as friends, I do have a laugh with you and we can have fun but it’s more in a friend way.”

But they’re not the only two changing their minds on their current couple as Zara seems to be going off Tom a little bit and has eyes for a new boy.

In the morning, Zara pulls Shaq for a chat and says: “I’ll be real with you, Tom is obviously ticking pretty much every box for me but it’s early still, I haven’t even spoken to you properly, it would be nice to explore.”

It’s not long before Tanya approaches the two to give Shaq a cup of tea but the conversation continues when Shaq says: “On the outside you would be someone that I would go for so I do want to explore that to see the vibes.”

Shaq and Zara talk about both being from London as he says: “You’re from London too, you just get it.”

Zara adds: “Same with you, we are from the same area, that’s the thing, that would just work instantly.”

Not wanting to keep anything from Tanya, he makes it clear to her that he also plans to get to know Zara.

Another challenge is on the cards this evening as the islanders take on Space Raunch.

The girls must wear sext cosmic spacesuits and appear from a giant silver rocket.

Anna-May says: “Right boys who’s ready for a big bang?”

The challenge sees each of the girls leap out of the rocket and spin around on a pole before selecting a boy to kiss.

Jessie chooses to kiss Will as Zara picks Tom but after his conversation last night, who will Shaq choose?

As they return to the villa, the islanders receive a text that shakes them to the core and they instantly gather around the fire pit. But what does it say?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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