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15th Feb 2023

Love Island first look: Jessie is missing Will big time as he still pulls Layla

Ellen Fitzpatrick


Casa Amor is here and bringing the typical antics with it and tonight’s episode is no different.

Following up on her kiss with Maxwell, Olivia chats about it to Martin.

She says: “He’s nice, he’s very attractive. As soon as he came in I thought, ‘Ok, he’s a bit of me.’”

Martin replies: “I don’t know Kai, I have no problems against him, but I feel like you’re not even his number one or number two nor three even…”

Olivia asks: “You think I’m not even his number three?”

Martin says: “Honestly I don’t think so. Even after Tanyel he was with Samie. He coupled up with Samie first, not you.”

Olivia replies: “So I’m the fourth choice.”

Martin: “That’s just my personal opinion, I could be wrong. But that’s what I think.”

Olivia continues: “That’s so interesting…”

Meanwhile over in the main villa, Kai speaks to Sanam on the day beds as she spills all about her kiss with Casey.

Kai tells Sanam: “The girl I’m gravitating to the most in here is probably you. I enjoy speaking to you. I enjoy getting to know you a little bit.”

Sanam says: “I’ve been really enjoying it. I think the people I’ve spoken to the most are you and Casey. I think our conversations flow really well. I feel really comfortable. I can be myself. I don’t know if I’m nervous or if our chats are more boom, boom, boom. With Casey, it’s like what else do I say?”

Kai replies: “I heard you guys had a kiss… I thought you’d have been in his bed?”

Sanam says: “No, no. A kiss doesn’t mean anything right now.”

Kai asks: “I think kisses are quite meaningful… are you trying to get a kiss?”

Back at Casa Amor, Jessie is missing Will big time and tells all to Lana.

She says of speaking to Frankie: “It’s making me miss Will. Talking to him I just think my heart’s really closed off. Yesterday I was thinking a lot about what they’re doing in the Villa and I was starting to feel that jealousy feeling and being like…”

Lana says: “It would be done for me, 100%.”

Jessie adds of her own situation: “It takes a lot for me to trust. But I feel like if what Will and I have is true he’d actually be sitting there feeling the same way.”

Casey gets to know Cynthia more, asking her: “Who are you warming towards?”

Cynthia laughs: “You already know, don’t ask silly questions.”

Casey says: “I’m into you and your chat’s great, you’re a really good looking girl. I obviously think you’re gorgeous. The conversations we have, they flow and they make me smile and they make me happy. It’s going really well. I feel like Sanam got a little kiss yesterday…”

As the evening sets in, Will pulls Layla for a chat to discuss their kiss last night.

Will begins by saying: “For me it all hit me at once.”

But what is it that Will is itching to say?

Tom and Lydia head to the terrace during the evening at the main Villa.

Tom says: “Down there everyone can hear what you’re saying.”

Lydia says: “The best things come when you least expect it. It feels nice. A good thing.”

Then Lydia asks where his head is at saying: “Have I made life hard for you? I’d say I’m sorry but I’m not…”

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.