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07th Mar 2023

Love Island first look: A dumping looms as the islanders discuss the future


Following a hectic night at the talent show, the islanders have even more drama coming their way on tonight’s Love Island.

As they head back into the villa, Tom takes to the sofas and decides the singing isn’t over, with everyone else joining in.

The following morning everyone reflects on the night as Jessie says: “I reckon that was one of the funnest nights in the Villa.”

Lana adds: “I think that was one of my favourite nights.”

Casey catches up with the boys and says: “I wish I could do it all again… ending on Tom’s singing, that was the best one to end on, everyone singing together, I got goosebumps.”

Tom says: “That’s what it’s all about, they’re the times you remember for the rest of your life.”

Another challenge is on the way today as the islanders go head to head against the other couples in Cocktail Shake-Up.

Lana gets the text and reads out: “Islanders, it’s last orders, so grab your glasses and make your way to the bar for today’s couples’ challenge ‘Cocktail Shake-Up!’ #ShakenAndNotStirred #NoHalfMeasures.”

The challenge sees the islanders working with their partner to fill giant cocktail glasses.

The girls start with a tray of empty cups strapped to their head and have to make their way down a slip and slide as the boys stand at the end and try to get as much of the liquid in as possible.

The girls then have to make their way to the glasses without spilling any.

Shortly after, it’s the boys’ turn. Competition heats up as Will playfully tackles Tom. Will jokes: “My technique was: ‘Make sure Tom loses!’”

Later in the episode, the girls gather at the fire pit as Lana asks: “Does anyone feel like they are close to saying the three words?”

One of the girls blushes as she sips on her drink as the others excitedly giggle and cheer – but which girl is it?

Tanya tells the girls: “Shaq is my boyfriend in my head but whenever he asks me it needs to be extravagant, I’m very extra, I need a parade, fireworks.”

Meanwhile, over at the fire pit Tom says to the boys: “Imagine some of us get married and have kids?”

As the evening continues, Will and Jessie catch up together and it’s the same topic of conversation as Will asks: “We are going to see each other all the time aren’t we? Are we going to move in together?”

Elsewhere, Sanam asks Kai: “What do you think it’s going to look like when we come out of here?”

Kai replies: “I think you’re going to end up being my girlfriend.”

While romance is in the air, a text comes through to disrupt it all.

Ron receives the text and reads out to the group: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.”

Once the Islanders are sat around the fire pit they receive another message which informs them: “The public have been voting for their favourite couple, the couples with the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the Island tonight.”

Which couples will be vulnerable and who will be dumped from the Island?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.