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10th Mar 2023

Love Island first look: Will returns to the farm on his date with Jessie as the vote is looming


Following on from last night’s final dates, tonight’s Love Island sees the remaining tow couples head out on a night of romance before the huge dumping.

For Will and Jessie’s date, they receive a text inviting them to a barn dance as Will heads back to the farm.

Getting ready, the two dress completely in denim as Will adds a cowboy hat and boots to his look while Jessie goes for sparkling silver boots.

Spending the day on a farm with horses, chickens and goats, Jessie says: “This literally looks like my home in Australia.”

As they enter the barn, they are met with a band and dancers as Will whips out his moves.

Sitting together on the hay bales, Will says: “It’s like a massive reminder of home because my mum and dad would talk about barn dances and I’ve never been to one, so experiencing it with you is such a magical moment.”

Jessie reflects on her journey with Will as she tells him: “I’ve had the best time here with you, I didn’t think I’d meet someone that I’d fall in love with so hard. You’ve been so supportive of me the whole way through, I want you to know how special you are to me.”

Jessie then has to ask Will something, why how will he react?

Last but not least, it’s Kai and Sanam’s turn to head on their dates as Kai is dressed to impress in a suit and Sanam in a black evening dress.

Walking into a decadent location, complete with sweeping staircases and romantically lit with candles, they listen to music by a pianist.

Discussing their future Kai says: “My mum will absolutely adore you because you’re literally the kindest most sweet hearted girl that I’ve ever met and she will see how good you are for me.”

Kai and Sanam also bond over their careers as he says: “Our careers are so similar, it takes a special sort of person to go into the careers that we both went into, me being a teacher and you being a children’s social worker.”

Sanam says: “I love hearing you talk about your job, I just love that side of you, I think it’s amazing. It also drew me to you, to work with children you need to be a certain type of person and to actually love it shows how much of a kind heart you’ve got.”

After sharing a kiss Kai and Sanam decide which couple they are going to vote for as the least compatible.

Sanam says: “It’s not easy.”

Once all the couples are reunited in the villa, they receive the text they’ve all been dreading.

It reads: “Can all Islanders gather around the fire pit immediately.”

Once gathered around the fire pit the Islanders receive another text which says: “Islanders, as you know on your final dates you had to decide which couple you think is the least compatible. The couples voted least compatible are ….”

As the results are being announced, the islanders branch off to discuss who they voted for but will anyone confess?

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.