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27th Jun 2022

Love Island fans want Ekin-Su’s family to get a reality show following Aftersun appearance

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Ekin-Su may be making headlines after her many antics in the Love Island villa, but after her family’s appearance on Aftersun on Sunday, fans couldn’t get enough.

Giving the lowdown of the villa shenanigans this week, Laura Whitmore was joined by Ekin-Su’s brother, Arda, who spoke about his concerns for his sister.

Sitting alongside his mum, he said: “I’m not gonna lie, is it weird to see your sister on TV, I’m like, ‘mate I’ve expected this from day dot’.

“I think she was born to do this and I’m glad you guys are starting to see my sister on TV now and see what she’s like.”

Having fans obsessed with her family now, Laura went on to ask about Ekin-Su’s antics when it came to the men in the villa, which Arda added: “Get used to it, coz you’re gonna see a lot more!”

Asking Ekin-Su’s mum if she typically brought drama to her doorstep, which she replied: “Believe it or not we have some quiet weeks at home.”

Fans quickly commented on the pair’s appearance on the show, obsessing over her brother in paarticular and begging for them to get their own reaility show.

One Twitter user wrote: “Ekin Su’s brother has the same energy as her#LoveIsland #Loveislandaftersun LoveIslandAfterSun #LoveIsland”

Another wrote: “”Ekin Su’s brother defending his sister is the highlight of tonight. Love to see it.”

A third said: “Ekin Su’s family grafting hard for that reality show. Got to respect it #LoveIsland #Aftersun.”

A fourth added: “Ekin su’s family need a reality show keeping up with the Su’s #LoveIsland.”

Another commented: “Can they put ekin su’s brother in the villa next year #LoveIsland.”

Last night we saw Ekin-Su pull Davide, her old flame, for a chat and the two were non-stop giggling, with Davide saying: “Sometimes I laugh with you, I like to take the p*** of you, but -”

Ekin-Su then replied: “Yeah, I’m not coming to you to… this is just a friendship talk, it’s nothing,” only for Davide to agree and the two burst out laughing again.