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09th Jun 2018

Love Island fans think this proves last night’s recoupling was a ‘fix’

James Dawson

They reckon the producers played a part in Kendall getting dumped off the show

Last night Kendall and Adam’s three-day-long reality TV constructed romance came to an abrupt end after he savagely dumped her – all so he can crack onto new girl and outside-the-show lawyer Rosie. The saga will go down in Love Island history as The Uncoupling of Kendall Rae-Knight By The Snake Adam Collard.

And people aren’t happy. Oh no, people aren’t happy at all.

In fact, they’re so unhappy that they’ve been looking for answers. And the conclusion they’ve come to is that the entire thing was rigged to get rid of Kendall.

Because the thing is, right, before Adam was given a chance to savagely cut short Kendall’s time on the island, Eyal had the option to choose which of the three girls he would pair up with – his options being Hayley, Rosie and Kendall.

Presented with the choice he opted for Hayley, despite her having made it apparent for the last week that she gives zero shits about getting with him. Eyal being before Adam meant that Adam was then left to choose between the two girls that had spent the last two episodes vying for his affections – queue a whole lot of #drama.

Had Eyal picked last it would have meant he could choose between Hayley and Kendall – which might have made him more likely to pick Kendall, who he had mentioned a number of times in the episode.

In fact, viewers suspect the producers may have told Eyal to spend the whole day talking about Kendall to make the whole thing seem more dramatic.

They have a point.