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06th Jul 2022

Love Island fans think someone has left after Luca arrives back to empty bed

Have you seen her?

Love Island fans think they have sussed out a secret the show isn’t telling them, that new girl Jazmine has left the villa.

Jazmine joined the show as one of the six bombshells as the girls left for Casa Amor, but she hasn’t really been seen on screen since.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to give their theories but also noticed that when Luca returned to the bedroom after sleeping outside, the bed he hopped into was empty.

Some are now asking to “send a search party” for Jazmine as they think she is “missing” and many are now scratching their heads wondering if she is still in the villa at all.

One person wrote: “Jazmine walked through the door and was never to be seen again.”

Another joked: “⚠️MISSING PERSON⚠️ Name: Jazmine Nichol Last seen: love island villa.”

A third said: “Has Jazmine been locked in the bathroom these past few days? Where HAS she been?”

While a fourth said: “In all seriousness.. where is this girl in the Villa? Where is Jazmine?”

Ahead of entering the villa, Jazmine said to prepare for the drama she was set to bring to Love Island.

The nightclub manager said: “A lot of drama but a lot of humour as well. I’m a very funny girl.”

“I get called Donkey from Shrek, that’s my nickname, as that’s my humour. Always coming out with my little oneliners.”

The 21 year old had her sight set for Jacques, who now seems to have his head turned but she also said she fancied Jay and Davide.