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26th Jul 2022

So, why did Adam say Ekin-Su was punching with Davide?

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Fans aren’t happy.

Love Island fans were left stunned last night when a conversation went down between Luca, Adam and Paige about which islanders were punching in their relationships.

But fans were even more stunned when Adam made a comment about Ekin-Su and Davide, saying Ekin is punching above her weight in her relationship with Davide which his fellow islanders didn’t seem to disagree with.

Luca started the conversation when Adam chimed in, saying: “I think Ekin-Su is punching with Davide. Davide is a really good looking lad, but Ekin-Su’s fiery personality, that can make someone more attractive.”

As Adam wasn’t initially involved in the conversation, many viewers took to Twitter to suggest that there may have been more to his comment than meets the eye.

When Adam first re-entered the villa, he had his sight set on Ekin-Su but she quickly turned him down and stuck with her relationship with Davide.

Commenting on his opinion of Ekin-Su, one viewer wrote: “I wonder if Adam saying that Ekin-Su is punching has anything to do with her being the only girl in there who clearly rejected him when he arrived, whilst the other girls were all flattered by his chats.”

Another added: “Just catching up on #LoveIsland Adam saying Ekin is punching…wow he’s defo bitter he didn’t get a chance with her.”

A third viewer said: “Nobody was talking about Ekin or Davide but Adam brings them up… I’m starting to believe the theories that Adam is in love with Ekin.”


While a fifth said: “how is ekin-su punching with davide? adam if you fancy davide just say.”