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10th Jun 2022

Love Island fans say Dami reminds them of a much-loved islander

“Dami is giving serious Ovie vibes. The earth is healing.”

On last night’s episode of Love Island, viewers got to know Irish contestant Dami a little bit better.

The microbiologist, who is currently coupled up with Amber, got a little more screen time, and after his chat with Tasha, some viewers felt that his energy reminded them of Ovie, who appeared on season 5 of the show.

On yesterday’s episode, a game of Beer Ping Pong led to some dares, which left a few of the islanders rattled. During the game, Paige kissed Andrew, who is coupled up with Tasha. The game also saw Tasha being dared to crawl sexily to the guy she fancies most, which turned out to be Luca and not Andrew.

Debriefing afterwards, Tasha spoke to Gemma and Ekin-Su about her feelings on it, when Dami decided to join in.

Tasha told Dami that the game “opened a lot of eyes” for her, to which the Dubliner responded by saying that she opened lots of the guys’ eyes as well.

Dami brought up Tasha’s sexy crawl, and told her: “Your dare was before his dare.”

Tasha later admitted that she wanted to crawl towards Andrew, and Dami told her bluntly: “You should have done that then. You should have just been reel. I thought you were gonna do Andrew! So I feel like you can’t really blame the wifey material thing.”

Dami’s gentle, but honest approach to Tasha’s antics went down an absolute treat on Twitter, with many likening his behaviour to that of Ovie.

One fan wrote: “Dare I say it… Dami is giving Ovie vibes. he’s so sweet and being the girls’ bestie.”

Another penned: “Dami is giving serious Ovie vibes. The earth is healing.”

A third wrote: “Dami is giving slight Ovie energy won’t lie.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and the Virgin Media Player.


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