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02nd Mar 2023

Love Island fans left confused after shock dumping twist

What a twist?

Love Island fans have been left utterly confused following the shock twist in last night’s dumping and aren’t entirely sure how tonight’s show will play out.

Last night saw Maya Jama interrupting the islanders’ beach party with the news that multiple islanders would be heading home.

Telling the islanders that the public had been voting for the most compatible couples, Maya then revealed that Olivia and Maxwell got the least amount of votes and therefore were dumped from the villa.

But then the twist came – it turned out that they were not the only couple to be dumped and another would also be going home, with the decision being left in the hands the dumped couple.

And that’s where the confusion came in, out of the six remaining couples, there were three deemed vulnerable – Casey and Rosie, Keanan and Claudia, and Shaq and Tanya.


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While many viewers assumed that Olivia and Maxwell would be choosing from those left vulnerable, others are under the impression that they can choose any of them.

And making matters even more confusing, the official Love Island account posted snaps of all remaining couples following the episode, leaving people really scratching their heads.

They wrote: “Two more Islanders will be dumped from the Island, and their fate is in Olivia and Maxwell’s hands… #LoveIsland.”

Fans took to Twitter to share their own confusion over the situation, with one saying: “So do they dump one of the vulnerable couples or any couple?”

Another said: “But is she picking from everyone or from the bottom three?”

A third wrote: “I think bottom 3, but the post has photos of all the couples. So it’s not clear.”

While a fourth noted: “I think its actually the bottom 3 cos the others were saved by the public which is why i dont know why they have posted all the couples here instead of the bottom 3.”

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