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06th Jul 2021

Love Island fans do some detective work to suss out why Hugo cries tonight

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Some of these need to become professional detectives.

Love Island seems to be getting tense this week and after a week of what felt like we were watching tumbleweeds on repeat, the drama is on its way.

And from last night’s preview, we got a glimpse of Hugo getting a tad bit emotional but we’re yet to know exactly why.

Hugo was the only lad who seemed to not be involved in some sort of drama, but that looks like it’s all about to change and Love Island fans have already started their detective work to figure why he was crying.

As we all saw last night, Jake decided to tell Liberty that if another blonde was to walk into the villa, he’d want to get to know her.

Little does he know that two are on their way, so Liberty’s nightmare is about to come true sooner than she expected.

While this was news to her, Jake had told Hugo a few days ago that he was feeling this way, and fans of the show think this could have something to do with why he gets so upset.

One fan on Twitter said: “Ngl I think it’s gonna be about the Jake/Lib thing and the fact he hasn’t said anything about it cause it couldn’t be anything else?”

Another added: “Theory: Jakes head is turned, it comes out that Hugo knew how Jake was feeling, Faye rips him a new one.”

But some fans have different ideas and think the reason he’s crying might have something to do with Aaron and Sharon.

Eagle eyed fans will recall in the earlier days of the show (literally last week) when Hugo told the other lads that Sharon wasn’t someone he could bring home to meet his parents.

Some fans reckon that Sharon’s found out he said this, and is less than impressed with him.

One fan on Twitter said: “Did everyone forget when Hugo was saying pretty disrespectful things about Sharon at the start? Are we just glossing over that? “I couldn’t imagine bringing her to meet my family, outside of here” get off your high horse.”

Another said: “back on this bulls**t but the hugo thing is definitley the “ill never bring her home to my parents” thing about sharon from the first episode, it’ll probably get revealed in a challenge or something.”

A third thinks it might have something to do with Aaron’s comments last night, saying: “I’m guessing Hugo let slip that Aaron isn’t feeling Sharon’s comments about children etc? His little face?! And crying?! We must protect him at all costs.”

All will be revealed tonight…