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18th Jun 2019

Love Island fans are convinced these two Islanders will leave the show tonight

Well, that wasn't hard.

Denise Curtin

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We’ve got our first couple elimination coming up.

But plot twist… it’s not an actual “couple” elimination but just the elimination of one partner from two couples.

Last night, the. power was first in the Islanders hands to pick the weakest couples (they chose Joe and Lucie and Anton and Elma), and then the power was in your hands to choose one of the Islanders from each of those couples to leave the villa.

And it’s clear from Twitter that there was no debate over who people wanted to save and who they wanted to send home.

With fellow Islanders deeming that Anton and Elma didn’t have a “strong enough connection” and Lucie and Joe having “too many problems”, it’s clear that these couples aren’t working or showing no signs of progress for the dating speed the villa requires.

So, who do people agree should leave?

Elma appears to be getting the boot simply because the public are more invested in the humour and comedic side that Anton brings to the villa whereas, it wasn’t as tough a call with Joe – fans have wanted the 22-year-old to leave for a week now, with his controlling behaviour over Lucie as something that has been constantly flagged.

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