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21st Jun 2022

Love Island fans complain to Ofcom after return of “vile” drinking challenge

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They’re back.

Love Island viewers are planning to complain to Ofcom after last night’s episode saw the return of a “vile” drinking challenge.

Despite hinting that these eating and drinking challenges were a thing of the past, last night’s viewers were unfortunately treated to the Lip Service challenge, where we saw islanders use their mouths as buckets to transfer ingredients to their partners.

The boys had to hold a cocktail mixture in their mouths as they slid across the dancefloor to the girls, where they then poured it from their mouths to the girls.

The girls then had to catch the liquid before spitting it into a giant cocktail glass, and whoever filled it up first won.

Naturally, everyone watching from home was horrified by the challenge, especially after being promised last year would be the last we saw of anything like this.

One person wrote: “Me @ OFCOM cos of this nasty ass challenge.”

Another said: “We need to report this challenge to ofcom ??? #LoveIsland.”

A third added: “This is uncomfortable I might call OFCOM #Loveisland.”

A fourth said: “time to call Ofcom over these nasty food and drink spitting challenges. they’re not erotic or kinky. they’re DISGUSTING! #LoveIsland.”

Another wrote: “Why do they keep bringing back this game? It’s not even a joke. Where can I submit an OFCOM complaint? #loveisland.”

Luca and new bombshell Danica won the challenge last night, with Danica making a comment in the beach hut that Luca is happy to take part in this challenge but won’t even share a bed with her.

Each year we see a slightly disturbing and totally disgusting food challenge which is always guaranteed a mixed reaction.

Viewers have to witness the contestants spitting food and drink into each other’s mouths in order to win usually nothing, but this year it was reported that things would be different.

One Reddit user begged producers to “stop making people spit food into each other’s mouths” and it seems their wishes will come true.

Executive producer Mike Spencer replied: “We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them.”