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03rd Aug 2021

Love Island fans can’t cope over Millie still laughing at Liam’s jokes

Ellen Fitzpatrick

No Millie, no…

Love Island has finally given us the drama we so desperately needed, but with that, there are some things fans aren’t quite as happy about.

Our hearts broke for Millie when we saw all that Liam was doing behind her back, and knowing she was staying so loyal back at the main villa.

It hurt even more to watch her find out everything about the four days he had been gone, and her sit down chat with Lillie told her everything she needed to end things with Liam.

Delighted as we were to see her ditch him, Liam has been persistent in trying to win her back and get Millie to forgive him.

And while doing this, he decided to send Millie a cheesy text which showed a selfie of the two, which she laughed at and sent back an edited version where she had cropped out Liam.

Responding saying that she can crop him out of the picture but just don’t crop him out of her life, Millie was laughing at the joke he made to impress her.

She laughed again at one of his jokes when he left her a note in her bed saying: “I may not be sticking in your back in bed, but you’re always stuck in my head.”

While Millie may have thought they were crackers, fans on social media were not at all impressed by his moves to win her back and couldn’t get over that Millie was actually laughing at them.

One fan wrote: “Millie needs to take out a restraining order against Liam, this isn’t cute it’s weird!”

Another said: “I said this before but if Millie takes Liam back I will send them both home. I don’t have time for this.”

A third said: “Millie is still laughing at Liam’s jokes. I am worried for our girl.”

Another added: “Millie was laughing a bit too hard at that joke. I hope she’s not thinking of getting back with Liam……”

One thing is for sure, we know exactly where the viewers stand when it comes to this couple, and tonight’s recoupling might be the icing on the cake.