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07th Feb 2023

Love Island fans are calling for Ron to be dumped after accusing him of “gaslighting” Lana

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Fans are calling him out.

Love Island fans are calling for the show to dump Ron after claims that he has been “gaslighting” Lana in recent episodes.

Viewers were left in disbelief last night after seeing the way Ron was speaking to Lana after she chose to recouple with Casey instead of him.

Now begging producers to step in a put an end to it, fans have accused Ron of gaslighting.

They were in even more shock when Lana seemed to do a full 180 with her decision and admitted to the girls that she didn’t fancy Casey anymore and wanted to pursue things with Ron again.

Taking to Twitter with their claims, one person said: “Ron is giving me serious controlling gaslighting vibes.”

Another said: “Ron is the definition of gaslighting. Lana has been bewitched.”

A third wrote: “Why is this man actively gaslighting Lana?”

A fourth added: “Ron ABSOLUTELY gaslighting Lana there ugh so annoying to see. If you had just treated her with respect this wouldn’t have happened.”

Another penned: “Ron is showing a masterclass in gaslighting. 0 accountability and all blame on Lana choice. She’s made the mistake and needs her to know it. Has nothing to do with his behaviour which he has 0 regrets over.”

The drama first started as last night’s episode saw the aftermath of Lana’s decision to recouple with Casey rather than Ron.

Lana and Ron were on the rocks after he had his head turned for both Samie and Ellie, with Lana then going for the new bombshell to give Ron a taste of his own medicine.

And the drama looks like it’s only going to get juicier tonight as the preview showed Casey calling Ron “sly” for still trying to pursue Lana despite him being in a couple with her.

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