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28th Feb 2023

Love Island fans are begging for the Twitter challenge to return for more drama

Fans need this.

Love Island has had its fair share of dramatic episodes this year and while we have seen the tension rise, fans are begging producers to bring more to our screens.

With only two weeks left of the show, fans are craving more intense drama and their way of doing that? Begging ITV to bring back the infamous Twitter challenge.

The iconic challenge has not been featured on the show in recent seasons, but always saw the islanders guessing which comments by fans on Twitter were made about each other.

Naturally, there was a LOT of drama that followed on from this.

The Twitter Challenge saw “mean tweets” being shown to the islanders but with the names blocked out, leaving the villa to guess who each one was about.

In 2017 it saw Stormzy tweeting that Chris Hughes was too good for Olivia Attwood, and she was not one bit impressed by it.

Or in 2019 when Curtis Pritchard was told through this game that his romance with Amy Hart might not be all it seemed.

In hopes of seeing it on our screens once again, fans took to the best place for this to ask for it back – of course, it was Twitter itself.

One person wrote: “BRING THE TWITTER CHALLENGE BACK AND PUBLIC VOTING! Producers need to be sacked! Most BORING Love Island ever.”

Another said: “Within the next 2-3 days we need the Twitter challenge followed by a dumping based on the public’s vote the same night so the islanders know exactly why they’re in the bottom. That’s the only way to semi redeem this season.”

While a third said: “Please LoveIsland just do the Twitter Tweet or the Rate The Top 3 challenge. Now that will make this years LoveIsland worth watching.”

A fourth added: “love island needs to do the lie detector or twitter challenge. these ones are boringggg.”

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