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14th Jun 2019

Love Island fans were absolutely LIVID at Curtis for one reason last night

They're not happy.

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It’s MAURA V MOLLY-MAE in our latest episode below. 

Not today Curtis, not today.

We’re not ready for all this tea.

Last night’s episode of Love Island was deliciously explosive. From Maura and Tommy getting closer to Molly-Mae kicking OFF and the boys branding the girls childish, it’s fair to say the villa is heated at the moment while we sat back living for every second of it.

For the entire episode, we say Molly-Mae slowly but surely gain more rage as she realised she was losing Tommy’s attention due to Maura’s arrival. So, it wasn’t long before the social influencer cornered the boxer for a couple of rounds in the ring where she got to speak her mind.

Here’s when it ALL kicked off…


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Going IN on Tommy in the bedroom, Molly-Mae gave out to him for not pulling her aside after his date with Maura, she also said she wants a man that “worships the ground” she walks on while Tommy sat there bemused and told her she was keeping her options too open.

As the arguing was getting more heated, Curtis walked in and broke up the fight to the upset of the public who were waiting for this moment.

And although we usually adore Curtis’ advice, he told the pair to go to bed which was NOT the TV we signed up for.

Yes, our resident therapist was met with a lot of hate last night when he jumped in to break up the juiciest moment of the show so far.

Someone should have locked him in the Hideaway. He’s too nice for this drama.