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30th Jan 2015

Binge-Watch TV? You Might Want To Have A Read Of This…

Say it isn't so...

After a long hard week, you’re looking forward to a date with your couch, some chocolate and your latest TV obsession only before you know it, one episode has turned into ten.

However, after reading the results of a recent study we might have to try and restrain ourselves from indulging in marathon TV sessions

Researchers from the University of Texas have found that binge watching could be linked to feelings of depression and loneliness.

This study asked a group of people, aged 18-29, to complete a survey asking questions about loneliness, depressions and how often they binge watch TV.

The results showed that the worse a person is feeling, the more likely they are to watch multiple episodes in a row.

“Even though some people argue that binge-watching is a harmless addiction, findings from our study suggest that binge-watching should no longer be viewed this way,” researcher Yoo Hi Sung said.

Researchers said that binge-watching should not be viewed as a “harmless activity” and is in fact linked to other health issues including fatigue and obesity.

An important point to note here is that binge-watching does not cause depression, instead the study found that those who binge watch are more likely to be depressed.