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21st Sep 2018

Looks like there’s some really, really good news for fans of Modern Family

Keeley Ryan

Well, kind of.

Modern Family looks set to end with season 11.

There was previously some speculation that the long-running comedy would end after season 10, which is due to premiere in the Untied States next week.

However, Deadline are reporting that there are ongoing talks for a possible season 11 – albeit, a shorter one.

The publication notes that the current discussions are for around 18 episodes in season 11.

So it’s a mix of good news and bad news, really.

Showrunner Christopher Lloyd previously spoke to Deadline about a possible season 11 – admitting they were “very open to” the idea.

He explained that when himself, the series’ co-creator Steve Levitan, and the rest of the writers sat down to plan series 10 “we found out that we were getting into some very rich new areas with these characters, that there is a lot more to explore in the series.”

Speaking in August, he added that they also soon needed to know if season 10 would be the last:

“We need to know relatively soon if it’s the last season so we can both recognise the show but also recognise the people who have been together for 10 years.”

Since season 10 is so far in production as a regular season – not the final season – there may just be a glimmer of hope for fans…


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