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15th Sep 2018

Looks like Channel 5 may already have a replacement for Big Brother

And yes, it’s more reality TV.

In case you missed the news, it’s official: Big Brother is coming to an end.

Well, at least, on Channel 5.

The network announced on Friday that the newest series of Big Brother – which kicked off last night – will be the last one, both of the civilian and celebrity version.

However, it looks like Channel 5 may already have a new series lined up to fill the Elstree compound-sized void left by Big Brother.

And it’s one that reality TV fans may already be very familiar with.

Late last month, Deadline reported that Channel 5 is bringing back The Bachelor, following the success of ITV2’s Love Island. 

The Bachelor originally debuted in 2003 on BBC3, where it ran for three seasons.

Channel 5 tried to re-launch it in 2011, with two celebrity seasons – Gavin Henson and Spencer Matthews were the Bachelors in question.

The network ended up cancelling it (again) after two seasons – although it looks like they now may be rekindling things.

The 10-part series due to start filming this autumn in South Africa.

If you haven’t seen the show before, here’s what it’s basically about: a guy gets set up with a house full of women who are all vying for his love and attention.

There’s group dates, double dates and the super-important one-on-one date.

The contestants are eliminated as rose ceremonies, where the guy picks who he wants to stay by handing them a rose. Anyone who doesn’t have one at the end of the night goes home.

Eventually, he goes on a series of hometown visits and meets the families of the final four contestants – and then there’s the luxurious overnight dates, before he picks an eventual winner.

The series is expected to debut next year.