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14th Jun 2022

Laura Whitmore shares hilarious insight into life in Love Island villa

The luxury Majorca villa might not be all it’s cracked up to be…

As much as we enjoy cuddling up on the sofa and watching Love Island every night, it’s hard not to feel jealous of the islanders soaking up the sun in Spain.

Well, we really shouldn’t, according to presenter Laura Whitmore.

Speaking on Alan Carr’s Life’s a Beach podcast, Laura revealed why she doesn’t exactly enjoy her time filming in the villa.

“It smells so bad,” she said.

“If you think about it that amount of people – like about 40 or 50 islanders go through it throughout the whole summer – it starts off at about 10 or 12 or whatever and then more keep going in…

“And they’re like 18-year-olds – the carpet, the fake tan, the makeup, the BO – it stinks!”

She compared the scent to using Lynx Africa deodorant to cover up sweat, as well as some other questionable odours.

“Lynx Africa like when they try to cover the BO – that’s what it smells like….

“It’s when you walk in, you think it’s all glitzy. But as soon as they left and the final happened, my friends came to watch the show and we went in there. We had a proper little rummage around and it was grim!”

The new series of Love Island launched last week, with Laura presenting for the third year running.

On Monday night’s episode, Afia became the first Islander to be eliminated from the show this year, after the latest surprise recoupling.

Tonight, things are set to get pretty tense as Gemma “suffers a slip of the tongue” while embracing Luca and accidentally calls him Jacques – her ex-boyfriend’s name.

Later on, Gemma will pull Luca for a chat in the hopes of making amends, but whether or not she’ll be successful is yet to be revealed.