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13th Sep 2017

These lads wrote a song about Coppers (you’ll be singing it all day long)


Olivia Hayes

Very catchy indeed.

Listen, the majority of us have been to Coppers.

And even if we swear that we won’t end up there on our next night out… alas at 2am, there we are, queuing at the door.

The reason why we swear we’ll never go back is because we know the kind of divilment that we get up to the second we walk through the threshold.

And that’s probably why we love this song about Coppers so much.

As well as it being a fairly catchy tune, it’s also pretty funny. And since tomorrow is basically the weekend, the song is going to be in our heads all day long.

The 2 Johnnies have come out with some brilliant melodies, and you can check the rest of them out here.